Gathering Wood


The wood used to make Stuzly~Jo chairs is cut locally, from sustainable sources. Sustainable, means that new trees are allowed grow at the same rate as they are harvested.

The trees are generally cut during the dormant autumn and winter months, when the leaves are absent; revealing all of natures wonderful twists and turns.

Small trees are felled by hand using a bow or pruning saw and any unusable thin side branches and tree tops removed using loppers and secateurs. Care is taken to retain branches with interesting shapes and movement, as these give the chairs their unique character.




The chairs are made from the most abundant local tree species, which include wild black cherry (Prunus serotina) and members of the birch family, (Betula spp.). The bark of both cherry and birch have beautiful rich colours and wonderful textures, that are further enhanced with oils once the chair is complete.

Large logs of oak and cherry are also salvaged from tree pruning in the area, and are used to make chair parts using traditional green woodworking techniques such as cleaving and shaving.

The chairs are built using a number components made from wood which is not totally dry, but still retains some moisture, and so is traditionally referred to as green wood. As the wood dries, it becomes very hard, resulting in a very robust piece of furniture, that will stand the test of time.