Stuzly~Jo forest chairs are handmade by Steve Anderson, who, after a long fascination with all things woody, began making rustic furniture in 2011.

The first Stuzly~Jo chair was a creative experiment, but soon enough, building rustic chairs developed into a wonderful and irresistible passion.



The forest chairs combine Steve’s love of wood and appreciation of the natural shapes in nature, together with a real passion for creating things with his hands.

Steve is self-taught and uses books and resources from well-established greenwood chair makers and rustic artists, for technical know-how and inspiration. Great inspiration also comes from walking in the forest, to seek out the wonderful shapes, twists, bends and bark textures of the tree branches that evolve into Stuzly~Jo chairs.

The forest chairs are made from sustainable wood sources, cut locally by Steve. Steve has a rough idea in his mind of what the finished chair will look like, but doesn’t work from drawings or plans. The enjoyment of making furniture in this way comes from the creative process of discovering which branches will fit together well to create a functional chair, but still retain movement and the spirit of the tree from which it came.

Steve makes chairs as a passion but also makes chairs for commissions and as gifts. When the opportunity arises, he displays his work in craftshops and galleries.