Welcome to Stuzly~Jo Hand-Crafted Forest Chairs


Stuzly~Jo chairs are hand-crafted in the rustic tradition, incorporating the natural twists, bends and bark textures of tree branches to create furniture which is both functional and wonderful to look at. Each chair is unique, keeping alive the spirit of the tree from which it was made.

The wood is cut locally from sustainable sources and the chairs are assembled intuitively using traditional hand tools and green woodworking techniques. The seats are woven from natural material including seagrass, rush and paper fibre rush, using traditional seat weaving methods. Completed chairs are finished with natural oils and waxes and are designed for inside use.

Stuzly~Jo works from an idyllic location in the Netherlands, surrounded by mature forest and nature, which provides the inspiration for creating chairs using local species of trees which have their own characteristic twists, turns and textures.

Please enjoy taking a wander though Stuzly~Jo’s site.